Climax LM6000 Machine Process

December 25, 2014 Climax, In-Situ

clima2Definition of LM6000 Machine Process

Ability to hone sharpening cutting tools with sand or stones had been found by primitive humans since several centuries ago. Scraper tool is used to create a grinding stone was first in iron age and the progress made better for sharpening process. In the early 1900s, grinding progressing very rapidly with human capabilities make abrasive grains such as silicon carbide and aluminum carbide. Further development of more effective sharpening machine called a grinding machine. This machine can erode the metal surface quickly and have a high degree of accuracy according to the desired shape. (more…)

How to Sharpening side Mobile machining od surfaces

December 4, 2014 Climax, Machining, Services

By using the grinding stone cup wheels, side cutter grinded in order to have a sharp edgeof Mobile machining od surfaces at the time of burial movement side.

  • Still in the settings in the previous grinding, adjust the angle forming an angle of 90 °.
  • Remove the pin so that the handle can rotate freely.
  • Set the height of the grinding stone so that the center on the cutter.
  • Set the stopper, try the whole side of the cutter sharpened all.
  • By moving the handle to the left and to the right, and exercise Ingestion (no.10) and rotate the handle.
  • Try not to do too much because Ingestion causes a reduction in the diameter of the cutter


Step by step Mobile machining service

November 11, 2014 Machining, Services


Maintenance of Mobile Machining Service and Fittings is important thing. It all process done so that a condition of machinery and equipment used can be durable and long lasting. There are many things relating to the maintenance of machinery and equipment namely: (more…)

Understanding Flange facing Machine

October 22, 2014 Flange facers, Poland

machineFlange facing is a device that is economical to produce a smooth surface and can achieve high accuracy. Grinding machine is one kind of machine tools with multiple cutting eye where the eye pieces, a very large number that is used to hone / cut work piece with a specific purpose. The working principle is the grinding machine grinding wheel rotating in contact with the work piece, causing erosion, sharpening, grinding, or cutting. (more…)